Problem trees affecting water main

Tree roots are bad for drains

January 28, 2019

Tree roots have two jobs: anchoring the tree in the ground and collecting minerals, oxygen and moisture to supply the tree. In a previous post, I explained how tree roots spread over a large area – sometimes up to half the height of the tree.

If there are water or drainage pipes within this range, then it’s very likely they’ll be affected by roots as they seek out a water source.

Sometimes the tree roots can simply displace pipes, causing them to burst. But if there’s a join or a crack in the pipe, the roots will grow through the opening to reach the nutrients and moisture inside.

Once the roots reach the inside of the pipe they will continue to grow. They start to collect debris which obstructs the flow and eventually this will cause a blockage or a break.

Tree root damage can let stormwater enter sewer pipes. During heavy rain this extra water volume can cause overflow into waterways, streets or even your own backyard, putting public health at risk.

The BAD news is, if the problem is on YOUR property, it’s your responsibility to fix the pipes. At your cost!

The roots of these trees are damaging the water main.
That’s the problem the home owner faced, here. Our client wanted the trees removed because the roots were affecting the water main. (You can see how close they were to the water meter!)

We removed the trees and ground down the stump.

Auckland Tree Care by Russ removed the problem trees.

By the way, here’s some useful information about choosing the right location, and the right trees, for your property if you want to avoid damage from tree roots.