Landscaping the backyard

February 18, 2019

These clients weren’t sure what to do about landscaping the backyard, still untouched more than a year after moving into their new home.

Luckily, they were referred to me by another of my happy clients!

We got together and talked about options and ideas for landscaping the backyard. Then I drew up a plan for them to review.

After a little fine-tuning, we got the go-ahead and my team and I swung into action. The owners now have a backyard they can be proud of and they’re more than happy with the results.

As explained in my profile I got my start in landscaping, before expanding into tree care and tree removal work. (That’s because almost every landscape project has tree work to be done!)

So if you need landscaping help for a new home, or a modernising upgrade to your existing yard, just get in touch.

Before landscaping the backyard
Before landscaping the backyard
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After landscaping the backyard
After landscaping the backyard