About your Tree Removal Specialist

Meet Russell Dolan from Trees by Russ - Auckland Tree Care Specialist

I’m Russ Dolan.

I’ve been working in tree care since Mt Ruapehu was a swamp. OK, maybe not that long, but it’s more than 10 years.

I started as a landscaper, but moved into tree removal because that’s where most property owners are looking for help.

But it means that I can work to mitigate any damage a rogue tree has caused to your landscape.

Some companies quote for your job and then send a team of subcontractors to actually do the work.

Not me.

I’ll personally inspect your project, quote the work and then arrive with my arborist or landscapers to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

Have a look at some of the tree care and landscape projects I’ve recently completed for property owners in the Auckland area. They show the kind of work I can do on your property, too.

Then get in touch and arrange for me to visit your property.