Stump grinding service

We do Stump Grinding, too.

November 24, 2018

Stump grinding is the final touch in tree removal. Leaving the stumps, after the trees are removed, often means you don’t get back full use of your garden or lawn areas.
And there’s another reason: depending on the type of tree being removed, sometimes they’ll re-sprout!

Why not have us remove the stump completely, while we’re already on-site?

Our stump-grinding machine will turn it into nothing more than mulch and dust. We can grind the stump up to 250mm below ground level, and then re-grass or plant over the area.

When we’re finished, you’ll forget the tree was ever there.

If you want to completely remove a tree, just get in touch.

Auckland Tree Care by Russ can also do stump grinding
We removed six 8-metre palm trees along a side garden between a concrete path and the boundary fence. Now we’re also removing the stumps.