movenpick bucklands beach

We do commercial work, too

October 5, 2018

Our landscaping jobs also include commercial work. For example, we recently did a makeover for the entry courtyard at Movenpick, in Bucklands Beach.

Auckland Tree Care by Russ - landscaping project for Movenpick, Bucklands Beach

Originally, it was a tired, customer unfriendly area with pavers set into decorative gravel.

But, as anybody who’s had such a feature knows, when people walk to and fro, the gravel is forever being spread to places where it’s not wanted!

Movenpick wanted an area where people would feel happy to stay and enjoy their ice cream.

We leveled the area, prepared the surface and laid tiger turf.

And here’s the finished job:

Auckland Tree Care by Russ - The finished Movenpick project, completed

McDonalds Otahuhu

Here’s another commercial job we did, recently. The palms may have been an attractive feature in earlier days, but the customers had much less appreciation for the palm fronds falling on their cars!

Auckland Tree Care by Russ - McDonalds project Auckland Tree Care by Russ - McDonalds project underway