best time to trim trees

Trim trees in late winter

August 31, 2019


Late winter is the best time to prune or trim deciduous trees and shrubs, while they’re dormant. (Deciduous? The ones that lose their leaves in winter.)

It’s the right time because, while the sap is down, the wounds heal faster.

There’s also less risk of disease or pest infestation affecting the tree through the cuts.

We recently trimmed this tree, because it had grown so big it was blocking the sun.

Our arborist is an expert. He knows how to trim trees so, as we move into spring, they will burst into healthy growth.

That will keep it strong for years to come!

Have you got a tree that needs to be trimmed? Better get on to it as soon as possible and give me a call.

(Tip: the best time to trim evergreen trees is in mid to late summer.)