Trees removed as if by magic!

Trees removed by magic!

October 19, 2018

When you call me and my team, you’ll have your trees removed as if by magic. One moment your unwanted trees are blocking sunlight, dropping fronds or leaves, and displacing fences, gardens and paths.

Then, with a little magic (and a lot of hard work) we’ll make them disappear so successfully, your neighbours will wonder where they went.

In the ‘before’ photo you can see the offending trees, together with our super machine that we use to make the foliage disappear.

But in the ‘after’ photo, you’d even struggle to identify where the trees had been!

Auckland Tree Care by Russ - before tree removal
We need these trees removed!
(Click for full-size image)
Trees removed by Russ, at Auckland Tree Care by Russ
Gone, as if by magic . . .

Get in touch and let’s talk about making your unwanted trees disappear, too.