No more tree root problems

Tree roots & foundation problems

December 28, 2018

Tree roots can cause foundation problems by physical contact with the foundation and also by affecting the moisture content of the soil under the foundation.

Unfortunately, Phoenix palms have an extensive root system, which allows them to seek subterranean water at a considerable distance. As the roots spread, they can create both of these problems for nearby house foundations.

That’s what happened here, as the roots of this palm were affecting the foundations of the neighbour’s house.

The Phoenix palm had to go.

Luckily, there were no underground services in the way and there was plenty of space available. This meant we were able to drop the tree by cutting it at ground level, rather than remove it from the top down.

It’s much safer method for us and much faster, too. (So that also means it’s usually a cheaper price for the homeowner.)

The roots of this palm created foundation problems
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No more foundation problems - the phoenix palm is gone!

We were asked to grind the stump once the remnants of the tree had been cleaned away. As you can see, there’s no evidence the tree was ever there. . . which means the neighbour can breathe a sigh of relief!

If you’re facing foundation problems – from phoenix palm roots or any other species of tree – just give me a call and I’ll come and take a look.