Pohutukawa with a view

Top trees to restore the view

November 2, 2018

We top trees, as well as remove them.

This Pohutakawa was topped 3 years ago, but it’s a fast growing tree and was again starting to block the view for the property owners.

In next to no time, our fully qualified arborist trimmed the top back down so the family can once again enjoy their views.

Actually, if we’re asked to top trees, it can sometimes be more difficult than removing a tree! That’s because topping any tree requires working continually at height.

Our arborist has 10 years experience with tree topping and knows his rope-work like the back of his hand.

If you have a tree that needs topping, or for any tree work, get in touch with me for a free quote.

Before Auckland Tree Care by Russ arrived - no view!
Before topping the tree: no view
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Need to top trees? Call Auckland Tree Care by Russ,
The view is restored!