Trimming a shade tree

Time to trim shade trees

March 11, 2019

Shade trees are a practical way to beat summer heat. But they lose some of their charm in autumn and winter!

There’s a scientific reason why a shade tree is so nice to have. The tree is drawing up water from the roots and, as it evaporates from the leaves, this provides a cooling effect.

Most shade trees are deciduous. This means they grow lots of leaves for shade and privacy but lose their leaves again in autumn, so the bare branches won’t obstruct the winter sunlight.

However, the autumn leaf fall can block gutters, drains and downpipes. And winter is also the time when large trees can have branches broken by the wind.

So now is a good time to have me and my team come to give your shade trees a trim.

This week, we trimmed another large tree that’s been doing a great job of providing a nice amount of shade in the warm summer we’ve enjoyed. But it’s about to drop its autumn leaves all over this beautiful deck and pool.

My team was about halfway through the project when the photo was taken, so you can clearly see the ‘before and after’ difference.

Does your shade tree need to be trimmed? Get in touch for a quote, now.