phoenix palm removal

Phoenix Palm removal

November 9, 2018

One of our most common jobs is Phoenix Palm removal.

Although they were Russ removing a phoenix palmonce popular in Auckland gardens, Phoenix palm trees sooner or later will lose their attraction to a property owner!

The first problem is the size. A phoenix might look nice for the first few years, but it will grow into a large tree and, like other large trees, the roots can damage foundations, plumbing, paths and fences.

As they grow taller they provide a wonderful home for rats and pigeons.

And they’re not a tree that’s easy to get on with, either. The sap is highly corrosive to some metals, as you’ll discover when you try to cut off fronds.

Which you’ll want to do, because the dead fronds can fall off in a high wind. But maintenance is a risky job, because the spikes at the inner end of the frond are poisonous and you DON’T want to get one in your hand.

Lastly, although stable when young and healthy, a Phoenix palm can become a danger if it becomes diseased and starts to decay.

We’ve removed Phoenix palm trees from commercial sites and private homes across Auckland. So if it’s time to remove your palms, just give me a call.