palm maintenance in Auckland

Palm Tree Maintenance

January 5, 2019

We don’t just remove palms; we do palm tree maintenance, too.

Mostly, this means cutting off fruit, seeds and flowers to discourage birds and rats and, at the same time, pruning off dead and dying palm fronds.

The flowers and fruit stalks also use up energy and slow the growth of the tree. As for the fronds, it’s better to remove them during our maintenance visit than let them fall naturally. That’s because they can damage roof tiles, gutters or other plants in the garden.

Auckland Tree Care by Russ - workers removing dead palm frondsThe strong winds during the last week have brought down a lot of palm fronds, so we’ve had quite a few calls from home owners wanting their palms trimmed!

Tempted to trim the palm fronds yourself? Be aware the fronds have very sharp spikes and, in the case of the Phoenix palm, these long, needle-like spikes are poisonous.

Sawing the dry fronds can send small pieces of debris flying, so wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

There’s more: the sap is corrosive and can damage your tools.

Perhaps it’s easier to just call us about regular palm tree maintenance, and we’ll keep your tree looking good. (We can give it a fertiliser treatment, too.)

There’s nothing more pleasing to the eye than palm trees when they’re pruned up nicely.

It seems many of our customers are happy with our work. Thanks for all the kind reviews.
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