tree overhanging house

Overhanging trees are trouble

January 13, 2019

Overhanging trees are unkind to houses. In strong winds, branches can damage the wall, roof, and guttering.

In fact, that’s exactly why we were asked to do this project.
Auckland Tree Care by Russ trimmed back the branches on this overhanging tree

We’ve seen cases where fallen branches have damaged the tiled roof, allowing rain to enter and cause substantial water damage. In the worst case even the entire tree can fall on the house!

If you have an overhanging tree then no doubt you’ve already had to clean gutters and downpipes that were blocked with leaves and twigs. (That’s another risk of flooding into your ceiling.)

Overhanging branches also provide a highway for rats and possums to reach the roof and make themselves at home under the eaves.

Don’t wait until there’s been damage. Just call me and I’ll come and give you a quote to trim your overhanging trees. It’ll give you peace of mind.