Kids playhouse before tree removal

Keep the kids playing

February 25, 2019

It’s no fun for kids playing around this playhouse, when there’s a Phoenix palm with dangerous spikes right beside it.

It’s the dead fronds that are the danger.  When the fronds die they fall to the ground where children can be in contact with the spikes and the fungus growing at the tips.

According to the NZ Herald, a “Starship children’s hospital study found that 8 per cent of the 250 foreign-body injuries treated over five years at the hospital were caused by phoenix date palm spikes. All 21 of those children required surgery and in all but one, fragments were removed.”

Of course, Mum and Dad wanted the tree gone, so their young children could play in safety.

We got to work (without the kids playing there!) and removed the tree. After the tree removal we got out the stump grinder and completely removed any evidence of the palm.

Now the kids can play in safety. And it’s opened up the area, too.

Have you got a tree that’s spoiling the kids’ fun? Give me a call and we’ll remove it!

This Phoenix palm was spoiling the fun for kids playing around the playhouse. Using our stump grinder to remove the Phoenix palm stump
All finished. Let the games begin!

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