Phoenix palm to go

Another tree removal

October 12, 2018

Tree removal is a large part of our work. Palm trees are very common projects because, while they’re very attractive when smaller, they grow up to create problems.

This Phoenix palm grew so large that, over time, the trunk and roots dislodged the boundary fence. This was a problem for the home owner, especially  when they needed a new fence to keep a dog in the yard.

The tree had to go!

However, because of sewer and storm water pipes running across the back yard, we decided to remove the tree from the top down.

This meant there would be no big earth-shaking “thud” that might damage the underground utilities.

With our fully qualified arborist (with 10 years experience) we can tackle any tree care job, from trimming to a full removal. Contact me at any time, day or night.

Auckland Tree Care by Russ - Phoenix Palm removal
Getting started
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Auckland Tree Care Service by Russ - making progress
Making progress