Landscaping clean up project

A landscape clean-up project

November 30, 2018

A ‘clean-up project’ always ends with a satisfying result and big smiles all round.

We started by removing six large trees and a patch of bush from the front of the section. The trees had grown so big they were taking up too much of the lawn and were blocking the afternoon sun.

Amongst the bush was about 12 cu. metres of old bricks and rock, so we cleaned that away, too.

Then we ground the stumps until they were out of sight and spread fresh topsoil to level the area and prepare it for new lawn.

Trees by Russ complete another landscape clean-up project.

Sure enough, we got a big smile from the property owner. He was pretty happy we had the knowledge and equipment to do the whole job from start to finish, because it meant he didn’t need to coordinate three contractors.

(Our great value quote probably helped, too!)

There’s not much we can’t do, so if you have a big clean-up project then why not contact me for a quote.