Tree Trimming Calculator

How Much Does It Cost to Trim a Tree?

The cost of trimming a tree’s branches is really accessible to any household, but it’s always best to do your homework first so you know to ask for certain services before you get a quote.


Remember to factor in your location before dialling those numbers to make an appointment for the tree surgeon. Your best bet is to enter ‘tree trimming services near me’ into your search engine, and it will provide you with the tree surgeons closest to your home.

When you call for quotes, remember to start off by mentioning your neighbourhood, and asking if they charge a call out fee for that area. You’ll be amazed how much a $50 call out fee can add to final costs, also check that the quote they give you will be free of charge as well.

Experience matters when you think long-term for your garden

Welcome to the Little Shop of Tree Trimming Horrors. This is what a tree can end up looking like when it has been hacked up by an unprofessional. It breaks the heart to see how some fly-by-night tree trimmers can hack up living plants as though they were as temporary as annuals or perennials.

It’s important to remember that a tree is long-long term. It has to be trimmed back so that the roots don’t undermine the house foundations, so that it stays stable during a storm, and to also look healthy and beautiful.

Height (M)
Simple Medium Complex
Tree Trimming – Material Prices $9 $15 $24
Tree Trimming – Labor Cost $42 $75 $105
Tree Trimming – Total $51 $90 $129

* Prices are an estimate and determined upon consultation

Tree trimming cost

Image credit: Trees by Russ

Work out the cost of your tree trimming budget first

Just like repainting or adding on an extension to the house, you will have to work out how much you can afford to pay to have your trees trimmed by a professional. Tree surgeons and gardeners with the experience and equipment to prune back the trees in your backyard are vital home improvement contractors and know first-hand how much it will cost to do the job.

Never accept a vague, word-of-mouth quote over the phone before booking a tree trimming appointment. If the service you contact gives you a quote that is over your budget, tell them so. They might be happy to see what service they can provide for you if it is a quiet time of the season – not every tree, bush, and hedge has to be trimmed every autumn, and this can help you lower the cost of annual upkeep.

A good way to estimate tree trimming costs – figure out what level of service you require:
  • Simple trees – trimming back low hanging branches.
  • Medium tree trimming – cutting of moderate size branches; removal of any branches hanging over property lines; cutting back branches encroaching on roof; removal of medium difficulty branches.
  • Complicated tree trimming project – more than just annual garden upkeep, most often recommended when moving into fixer-upper homes and previously neglected properties. Requiring the use of heavy machinery, such as cranes, backhoes, and bucket-cranes. If a tree branch or limb is hanging across a power line or utility, your local municipal service must be contacted to do the removal.
  • All of the above services should include the removal of debris upon completion of the job.
Tree trimming hints and tips:

Professionally pruning back tree branches when the sapling is still young is the best way to ensure you won’t need a costly tree trimming further down the line.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to costs is – the taller the tree, the more it will cost to neaten its top branches.

Tree arborists, tree trimmers, and tree surgeons all offer the same home improvement services. Quote prices will vary according to the operation expenses required.

The best time to begin phoning around for tree and branch cutting experts is around autumn or early winter. This is when the service provider is least busy, and there’s a reason for this – everyone likes to get their trees trimmed back by the time the heavy rains and winds start!

If your tree trimmer professional does not show respect for a tree’s beauty and function, show him the door! An arborist must consider shade, landscape, and how the tree features in your garden in addition to how they should trim it back.

Check your professional tree specialist is licensed and covered by insurance before they enter your premises to start work.

Remember to keep their phone number handy if you need them to clear away any debris after a storm.

If you don’t want the tree chipped on your premises, ask the tree trimmer if they can remove the wood and branches while still intact.

Good tree trimming professionals are available for both commercial and residential properties. If your land is on a slope, find out if you will be charged extra for this.